Best business funding companies in Austria

In Austria, businesses have access to various financial institutions and business funding companies that offer a range of financing solutions. Here are some of the notable options:

  1. Erste Bank:
    • Erste Bank is one of the largest banks in Austria, providing business loans, lines of credit, and other financial services to businesses.
  2. Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI):
    • Raiffeisen Bank International is a major banking group in Austria that offers business financing solutions, including loans and trade finance.
  3. UniCredit Bank Austria:
    • UniCredit Bank Austria is part of the UniCredit Group and provides business loans, leasing, and other financial services to companies in Austria.
  4. Wirtschaftsförderungsinstitut (WIFI):
    • WIFI is an institute that supports economic development in Austria and offers various financing programs and services for businesses.
  5. Österreichische Kontrollbank (OeKB):
    • OeKB provides financial services, including export financing and guarantees, to support Austrian businesses in international markets.
  6. HYPO NOE Landesbank:
    • HYPO NOE Landesbank is a regional bank in Lower Austria, offering business loans, financing, and banking services to companies.
  7. Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken (VR-Banken):
    • VR-Banken is a cooperative network of banks in Austria that provides business banking services, including loans, to companies in their communities.
  8. Erste Bank Österreich:
    • Erste Bank Österreich is a subsidiary of Erste Group and offers business loans, credit lines, and financial solutions to Austrian businesses.
  9. BKS Bank:
    • BKS Bank is a regional bank that provides business loans, trade finance, and other financial services to businesses in Austria.
  10. Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich (RLB ÖÖ):
    • RLB ÖÖ is a regional bank in Upper Austria, offering business loans, financing, and banking services to companies in the region.
  11. aws (Austria Wirtschaftsservice):
    • aws is the Austrian promotional bank that supports businesses with financing programs, grants, and services to foster innovation and growth.
  12. Start-up Service der Wirtschaftsagentur Wien:
    • The Start-up Service of the Vienna Business Agency supports startups in Vienna with funding programs, advice, and resources.

When considering business funding in Austria, carefully review the terms, interest rates, and eligibility criteria of each institution. Additionally, exploring specific programs and services offered by promotional banks and agencies can provide additional support for businesses. Consulting with financial professionals or business advisors can help make well-informed decisions based on your specific business needs.